Island development continues

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The island has a number of developments currently in progress, the current focus is in areas formerly considered less prime, such as Ao Noi Na on the northern coast. One of the good things about Samet is that due to it’s small size, you’re never really that far away from the main village or the island’s most popular beach Haad Saikaew. Newly established hotels in these type of areas are doing well, and land is more attainable making this one of the best spots on the island to invest in right now.

In the last few years at least 5 larger hotels have opened in Ao Noi Na and their occupancy rates are very impressive, the number of hotel rooms on the island has increased substantially in the last 5 years, but it’s still not enough! Any reasonably well run hotel will be full every weekend and most of the high season, so the market still has a long way to go. The tourist numbers are only increasing, and the Chinese market has cemented it’s place as the second most important market on the island after domestic tourists.

Towards Ao Phrao on the West side of the island, a major infrastructure project is underway to improve the islands reservoir.

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